Management &

Debt Collection


Mercure Finances is an independent company created in 2003 by its current chairman, Olivier Siboni. Its ambition is to meet customer requirements in terms of proactivity, recognised expertise in litigation and negotiation management in France and other countries, and an ability to collect and recover debts without damaging the client-supplier relationship.



In a market where 80% of debt collection companies run simple reminders and payment tracking processes, Mercure Finances provide a high added value solution integrating its expertise in crisis negotiations and its extensive experience in contractual relations, strategic analysis and legal proceedings in its collection process. 


Beyond mere debt recovery, Mercure Finances has developed a dispute and mediation management strategre program that ensures debt collection whilst maintaining the all-important client/supplier relationship. 


Offering the bonus of free legal proceedings in France, Mercure Finances provides a global service to fulfill the financial and commercial demands of its customers. 


Mercure Finances is proposing a genuine partnership, paying your customers all the attention they deserve to ensure the commercial relationship extends beyond the dispute and the recession, accepting responsibility for the collection and committing to results.


We work side by side with you, and Mercure Finances accepts its share of risk and recovery costs. The interests of Mercure Finances are not so different from your own.

Our story


MERCURE Finances is created.


First top 40 corporation signs with MERCURE Finances.


MERCURE Finances opens the first international program dedicated to medical insurance claims for the

main medical assistance

operators in France. 


MERCURE Finances is eligible for the « Gazelle » stamp granted by the Ministry of the Economy to reward SMEs with less than 250 employees who have experienced an exceptional growth rate (more than 34%) for 2 consecutive years.


MERCURE Finances strengthens its international division and can manage debt collection in more than 55 countries.


MERCURE Finances develops an innovative civil debt recovery strategy for the realestat rental market.


MERCURE Finances receives recognition from the aviation industry for the quality of its negotiations on complex missions.


MERCURE Finances successfully deals with its first cases in West Africa (Sierra Leone).


Expansion of the MERCURE Finances international network on

Vietnam and Ukraine.

MERCURE Finances now covers more than 104 countries.


MERCURE Finances recruits new negotiators to meet growing demand for complex negotiations.


Mercure Finances signed a strategic partnership with Mauritania. Mercure Finances international network is now one of the widest and the most proactive in Europe