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Debt Collection

The pandemic has been devastating both in human and economic terms

A number of small and medium sized companies are of course among its victims ; they were already in a fragile state and cash-flow problems did the rest.


These companies may be yours but can also be those of your clients .


Today we are witnessing the start of a recovery as well as a will to recover the lost ground . So it is now that one must focus on tomorrow’s strategy .


The management of your old outstanding invoices and the dynamic handling of delayed payments are powerful tools to support your treasury as long as the recovery methods used also preserve the relationship with the client .


We have made this our speciality, matching a positive negotiation to recover monies due with the protection of the commercial relationship with your clients .

Mercure Finances and its negotiating teams are there to help you analyse the status of your outstanding invoices.

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Debt recovery and preserving the commercial relationship 

The specific approach to positive mediation and negotiation developed by the teams of Mercure Finances for the management of disputes and the recovery of debts ensures both a much higher success rate than the national average and maintaining and indeed improving the quality of the relationship with the client .


At a time when acquiring new clients is increasingly costly and the delays in debt recovery from existing clients are getting ever longer you can no longer have the luxury of choosing between getting paid and keeping your client !


For the past 18 years the unique negotiating skills of Mercure Finances have demonstrated that you can succeed on both fronts !


Don’t hesitate any longer !


Join us !


The Mercure Finances team

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Your foreign clients are also badly affected by the crisis

Your foreign clients are also badly affected by the crisis and it may seem more difficult for you to resume negotiations to settle your international invoices as you are less aware of the local context and the degree of economic slowdown in that country thereby making you less able to negotiate the payment that is due to you .


We can help you !

Mercure Finances can indeed always draw on its network of foreign partners who specialise in the recovery of debts in over 100 countries .

By stepping in on your behalf locally we can negotiate while taking into account the real context of your clients and the local economic context .


Place your trust in our specialists to recover debts internationally and save precious time to concentrate on restarting your activities .


Ths Mercure Finances team

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Now that the timing of the confinement looks clearer it becomes easier to plan for the future at the end of the crisis

Don’t wait until May 11th to decide how best to improve your treasury position .


Now is the time to check if you qualify for government aid .


As of today you should contact your clients to find balanced agreements to come out of this crisis together .

Whatever the situation the negotiating team of Mercure Finances remains at your disposal to advise you and to lead discussions with your clients to find agreements to settle what they owe you .


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us .


The Mercure Finances team

Consult Mercure Finances to choose the best treasury management options .

Consult Mercure Finances to choose the best treasury management options .


Every day one is faced between choosing the most suitable payments that can be deferred to preserve one’s treasury and those that must be cleared immediately to maintain one’s activity and show solidarity with both suppliers and partners .


The experience of Mercure Finances in the management of litigation allows us to clearly ascertain what could be the consequences both positive and negative of these choices with regards to the quality of your relationships with your client partners and suppliers.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can help you to make the right choices.


Our customers wanted us to be able to collect abroad !


MERCURE Finances has therefore developed one of the most important international negotiator network with today more than 70 approved partners worldwide sharing the same ethics and the same values of responsiveness and efficiency.


Today, MERCURE Finances is able to locally negotiates collect in more than 104 countries in the world on behalf of its French and foreign customers.

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A mediation cell to counter the risk of payment defaults

It is very clear that we are going to have to confront a major financial crisis in the coming months . 

There is a very serious risk of this and one is reminded of what happened in 2008 .


The more fragile companies and the small ones will , as always , be the first to suffer .


Having said that it will be easier to overcome the storm this time because governments are already taking important and concrete decisions to support companies.


Mercure Finances would also like to contribute in its own way to advising and supporting small and medium sized companies .


For this reason we are pleased to confirm that as of today we are setting up a special crisis cell to coordinate a constructive and supportive dialogue between our clients and to manage together as opposed to alone the risk of payment incidents within your value chain.

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Mercure Finances would like to thank all its clients who entrusted them with recovery cases and who renewed their trust in them throughout 2019

Our negotiating team handled around 9000 of your unpaid claims representing €17.6 million in 2019 and we are proud to have offered you another year with one of the best success rates in the industry .


Furthermore the importance of cases we handle abroad has also increased sharply to around 35% of the total and we have again strengthened our network to meet your requirements even better .


Today we can recover your unpaid invoices in more than 100 countries in the world .

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Amicable settlement : the advantages of a direct contact

In more than eight cases out of ten an amicable negotiation turns out to be the best option to recover unpaid invoices . This solution is shorter and less expensive than going through the courts and also offers the advantage of preserving the commercial relationship . Having said that it requires a lot of diplomacy and excellent negotiating skills.


To further favour the importance of an amicable exchange Mercure Finances is currently developing a tool to allow you to organise a direct meeting with your debtor .


A face to face meeting is second to nothing to remove any misunderstandings and to detect the stumbling blocks that are delaying the payment . This direct contact enables one to identify a possible dispute or to find a consensus agreeable to both parties .

2019 March - Thailand

Mercure Finances is continuing its efforts to meet the demands of its clients to recover their debts anywhere in the world.
We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new Mercure Finance approved partner in Thailand. Welcome to all the Thai team who has perfectly met our methodological requirements in terms of management of complex negotiations, responsiveness and efficiency !

2019 January - Mauritania

Mercure Finances signed a strategic partnership with Mauritania in January 2019. Mercure Finances international network is now one of the widest and the most proactive in Europe.


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2018 December - New website

Mercure Finances is pleased to announce the opening of its new website. This site has been completely redesigned in both French and English, to offer our customers a clearer and easier navigation experience.

We also wanted to simplify access to your personalized area and give you easy access to the new services our teams are developing to meet your needs.

We also wish to thank all our customers and parteners who have accepted to join us with trusts confidence for this new version of the site.


2018 October - New office in Houston

To provide a more proactive respons to the requests of its customers, Mercure Finances is proud to announce the opening of its new offices in Houston, Texas - USA.

This new team will serve both our US and European clients who are asking us to negotiate with their debtors on their behalf in the US.


2018 June - Mercure Finance continues its international development

We are pleased today to confirm that Mercure Finances has opened this week a strategic partnership to manage collection in Vietnam and conduct complex negotiations and litigation in this area. We welcome the teams from Hanoi. We are very proud to be one of the very few organizations that can cover this part of the world. 

2018 March - International Recognition

Mercure Finances has been co-opted by the largest dispute resolution and debt collection network in the world. From now on, we offer our clients the assistance of our negotiator teams in more than 35 countries.