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Debt Collection


In France

MERCURE Finances counts among its clients among the largest French industrial or service groups, banking and insurance companies, but also many SMEs and very small and medium-sized entreprises as well as public and semi-public organizations.


Many foreign companies have chosen MERCURE Finances to drive the relationship with their clients in France.

Our French clients rely on MERCURE Finances to take over the claims of their partners and subsidiaries abroad, particularly in cases and countries with a complex economic and political situation.

Our customers recommend us :
          We renew our confidence in the partnership that has united us for more than 10 years now in the collection of our receivables congratulate you for the results as well as your excellent performance rates on our bad debt cases.
The accurate advice on the actions to be taken on certain files, frequent follow-up as well as the daily communication with your team confirm us in our good choice. We are pleased to congratulate you for the quality of your job.
         IMA has entrusted Mercure Finances with significant volumes in 2017, including many old and complex files. Mercure Finances was able to adapt and provide us with the necessary resources to maintain a performance rate in line with our expectations and to ensure that each file is treated with the same efficiency.
It is important to highlight the quality of the communication that we can have with the operational teams of Mercure Finances and with its managers.
Our discussions are always direct and sincere and are part of a positive spirit of optimizing the performance of our partnership.
        From the beginning of our collaboration, we have appreciated the focus of Mercure Finances in understanding in detail the functioning of the CMAP, the customer relations strategy and the contractual and financial issues of our business.
From this point on, Mercure Finances has been able to build non-coercive negotiation strategies, but also adapt its processes to different types of litigations.
The result performed by Mercure Finances give full satisfaction to CMAP steadily for 13 years.
        Since 2014, thanks to Mercure Finances team dedicated to SIXT issues, we benefit from responsive and efficient services as well as particularly high recovery rates with regard to the complexity of litigation.
The quality of the meeting and communication and the reporting allow us today to consider the Mercure Finances dedicated teams as an extension of our own teams.
       Having never found an equivalent to Mercure Finances in terms of results and professionalism on our specific businesses, we are happy to renew our commitments each year with this team.
We will continue to entrust our files to Mercure Finances in 2019. It is therefore without any hesitation that we recommend Mercure Finances.